Privacy Policy


Taking into consideration the concerns of the users of the website with regards to privacy, Gloriust  aims to satisfy its users and ensure that their data is secure and is in no way being misused. Hence, this Privacy Policy gives the users a fair idea of what data does the website record and how it uses that data in its operation.


Cookies are basically the files that are located on the user’s system and they are created when the user visits any website. These cookies are user specific because they carry the information of the user regarding the interaction with a particular website. What happens is that when a user visits a particular website, that website records the information about the visit to that particular webpage and packages it in the form of a cookie which is then delivered to the web browser that the user uses. This cookie is stored in the web browser for later use. So, whenever the user visits the webpage next time, the cookie that was stored on the website is transferred to the webpage and when the server demands a particular web page, the cookie is sent to the hard disk of the computer. These cookies then show customized pages to the user on the basis of the recorded information of the earlier visits.


Gloriust records the information of the visits on the website by each user and all that information is then stored in the form of cookies. These cookies are used for the purpose of the identification of the user’s computer in order to extract the information regarding the last visit on the website. It is stated that the information recorded by Gloriust does not include user’s personal information; it only includes information about the computer and internet settings such as IP address, browsing patterns and the timings of the browsing.


Anyone who do not wish to get their data recorded have the option of not allowing the cookies, however, Gloriust doesn’t guarantee a quality experience in that case. Those users who accept the cookies can manage them according to their will.


It is to confirm that ReachFeb makes use of third party advertisements such as the Google ads and it uses cookies to facilitate the users with customized ads experience through the AdSense program. Due to the involvement of the third parties, ReachFeb does not have full control over the data. The cookies used by the third parties are called DART cookies and the users who do not wish to accept them may visit the following link for a guideline:

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