10 Hilarious Moments When Dads Were In Charge (10 Images)

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Moms do the best job when it comes to kids, and it’s just something built into them which makes them do everything perfectly. We are not underestimating dads here though because daddies are also awesome on their way and some fathers raise better kids than moms but in some of the cases there have been a super disaster made by kids and guess who was in charge? Yes, Daddy!! Here are some hilarious moments when dads were in charge. After seeing these situations, most moms will think twice before leaving their kids on their daddy. Let’s start with this baby girl who is sleeping on the rug surrounded by beer cans, and looks like she is holding one of them, we are sure this daddy must be proud to make her sleep, but once mommy sees this, she will go crazy for making her princess sleep on a mat with beer cans.

baby girl sleeping around beer cans

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