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15 Wild Selfies Taken By Russian Daredevils (15 Images)

There are two types of people in the world, one of them don’t like to get out of their comfort zone and are not fond of taking risks, while the people who belong to the other category are full of adventure. They would do anything just for the sake of feeling the excitement of doing […]

10 Hilarious Moments When Dads Were In Charge (10 Images)

Moms do the best job when it comes to kids, and it’s just something built into them which makes them do everything perfectly. We are not underestimating dads here though because daddies are also awesome on their way and some fathers raise better kids than moms but in some of the cases there have been […]

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10 Of The Strangest Haircuts Of All Time (10 Images)

There would be no one out there who would say that they haven’t gotten a haircut. Well almost everyone goes once a month or even twice a month so that they could get a haircut. And let me tell you this also that for half of the people the hair means that some cutting from […]